Ebert to have another surgery

CHICAGO - After undergoing a series of cancer surgeries, Roger Ebert says he'll have yet another operation.

According to a statement in the Chicago Sun-Times, Ebert was to have surgery Thursday in Houston to address complications from previous operations.

Ebert, 65, has been a film critic at the newspaper for more than 40 years. He has already undergone a series of other operations.

Winehouse says yes, yes, yes to rehab treatment

LONDON - Amy Winehouse, beset by allegations of substance abuse, entered a rehabilitation facility Thursday to battle drug addiction.

The announcement came just days after the 24-year-old singer was pictured in British tabloid The Sun inhaling fumes from a small pipe. Police have launched an inquiry into the matter.

Editor settles lawsuit with Leno

LOS ANGELES - A humor editor who published books of jokes by Jay Leno and other comedians without their permission has apologized and agreed to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages.

Judy Brown and her publishers has settled the federal copyright infringement lawsuit filed on behalf of NBC Studios; Leno; Rita Rudner; Jimmy Brogan; Diane Nichols; Sue Pascoe; Kathleen Madigan and Bob Ettinger.

Armstrong cleans swimming hole near his ranch

DRIPPING SPRINGS, Texas - Cycling champ Lance Armstrong has finished cleaning up a prized swimming hole that became polluted after he began building a dam on his ranch.

Armstrong said he spent about $850,000 on the cleanup of Dead Man's Hole, which the cyclist shares with 17 neighboring landowners and is fed by a creek running through Armstrong's 450-acre ranch west of Austin.