Investigators probe cause of fire that left 90 homeless

LAWRENCE, Mass. - Investigators interviewed witnesses Tuesday and studied the wreckage created by the city's largest fire in more than a decade, an inferno that swept through 16 buildings and left about 90 people homeless.

Only one minor injury was reported in the fire early Monday, which started in an empty downtown nightclub undergoing renovation.

Twenty-three occupied residences were affected, and at least 15 residents spent the night in a Red Cross shelter, Red Cross spokesman Jamie Devlin said.

White separatist speeches in Jena end hours early

JENA, La. - A crowd mostly made up of members of the media listened as four white separatists demanded white rights, severe prosecution of six black teens accused of beating a white school mate and an end to the Martin Luther King holiday.

But the speeches didn't last long.

The 'Jena Justice Day' planned Monday by the white supremacist Nationalist Movement ended about two hours earlier than organizers had planned, with most participants leaving long before that.

Still, Richard Barrett, a Nationalist spokesman, declared the day a success. He noted the group was successful earlier in having set aside the city's demand that it put up $10,000 to hold its rally and that it had collected about a dozen signatures to end the city's newly established interracial committee.

'We backed down the mayor, backed the committee down,' he said. 'So the chances are good we'll back the Jena Six down and Martin Luther King Day down as well.'

Water main break turns major street into small lake

CHICAGO - A 3-foot-diameter water main burst early Tuesday, gushing out thousands of gallons of water that crumbled pavement and turned a major street into a small lake.

Police closed several blocks in the North Side neighborhood and the Chicago Transit Authority briefly shut down a nearby train station and rerouted buses.

A hole in the street quickly grew to 25 feet long and the torrent ripped a light pole and several parking meters from the sidewalk.

School bus crash injures students

PALMDALE, Calif. - A school bus crash injured as many as 10 people Tuesday morning, many of them students, authorities said.

The bus and a sport utility vehicle collided and the bus then sheared off a fire hydrant, Palmdale Unified School District officials said.

Los Angeles County fire Inspector Ron Haralson said 10 people were injured, most or all of them students, while the school district reported seven students and the bus driver were hurt.

Weapons suspect implicated self in anti-Semitic vandalism string

NEW YORK - A man suspected of having pipe bombs and firearms in his apartment made statements implicating himself in anti-Semitic vandalism of houses, cars and synagogues, police said.

But the attorney representing the man, Ivan Ivanov, said Monday that his client is Jewish.

Investigators were trying to determine whether Ivanov planned to use his arsenal against the synagogues and other sites he had defaced, a ranking police official said.

Officers went to Ivanov's home after he reported a gunshot wound to his finger Sunday, police said.

Padilla gets 17 years in prison for conspiracy

MIAMI - Jose Padilla, once accused of plotting with al-Qaida to blow up a radioactive 'dirty bomb,' was sentenced Tuesday to 17 years and four months on terrorism conspiracy charges that don't mention those initial allegations.

The sentence imposed by U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke marks another step in the extraordinary personal and legal odyssey for the 37-year-old Muslim convert, a U.S. citizen who was held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant after his 2002 arrest amid the 'dirty bomb' allegations.

Police: Missing college student believed kidnapped

RENO, Nev. - Police say they believe a 19-year-old college student who mysteriously disappeared from a friend's home over the weekend was kidnapped.

Brianna Denison was last seen about 4 a.m. Sunday when she went to sleep on her friend's couch after a night of partying.