Terrorist gets life in prison for trying to blow up embassies NEW YORK - The admitted terrorist said he had been a naive adolescent brainwashed into plotting to blow up American embassies. He called himself a changed man, a would-be ophthalmologist who deserved a chance to pursue his goal. But a federal judge in Manhattan sentenced Mohammed Mansour Jabarah to life in prison, saying she gave him credit for repudiating violence but couldn't overlook what he had done. 'Actions speak louder than words,' U.S. District Judge Barbara S. Jones said as she imposed the sentence Friday. She had listened to the Canadian citizen deliver a convoluted 20-minute speech blaming his past on evil men who exploited his youth and inexperience. 'I am not a ruthless, infamous and notorious terrorist,' said Jabarah, who was 19 when he was captured in Oman after the collapse of his bombing plot. 'I do not believe in terrorism, violence and killing.' York College wrestler killed in van crash YORK, Neb. - A York College wrestler was killed Friday and some of his teammates were injured in a van crash en route to a meet in Iowa. School officials said the van carrying 10 wrestlers and two coaches flipped on Interstate 29 near Onawa, Iowa, about 4:30 p.m. No other vehicles were involved. The identity of the dead wrestler wasn't immediately released by the school. The Monona County sheriff's office and Iowa State Patrol wouldn't confirm the fatality Friday night. Officials said details may be released Saturday. Other wrestlers injured in the crash were treated and released from a hospital. The team was on its way to Northwestern College in Orange City. The meet, scheduled for Saturday, was canceled. NASA says new moon rocket has shaking problem WASHINGTON - NASA is wrestling with a potentially dangerous problem in a spacecraft, this time in a moon rocket that hasn't even been built yet. Engineers are concerned that the new rocket meant to replace the space shuttle and send astronauts on their way to the moon could shake violently during the first few minutes of flight, possibly destroying the entire vehicle. 'They know it's a real problem,' said Carnegie Mellon University engineering professor Paul Fischbeck, who has consulted on risk issues with NASA in the past. 'This thing is going to shake apart the whole structure, and they've got to solve it.' If not corrected, the shaking would arise from the powerful first stage of the Ares I rocket, which will lift the Orion crew capsule into orbit. Oregon mayor vows to stand fast despite sexy photos ARLINGTON, Ore. - Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, whose MySpace photos of her posing in black lingerie on a fire engine put this Columbia River town of 600 into something of a pother, told ABC's 20/20 on Friday night that she's not stepping down. 'They're going to have to drag me out of here,' she said. The pictures were taken before she thought of running for mayor, said Kontur-Gronquist, 42, the first woman to hold the unpaid position. She said she had permission from the fire chief to use the engine and had intended to use the photos in a contest about fitness in women. Iceland makes $75,000 donation to N.D. center BISMARCK, N.D. - A small North Dakota town is getting a bit of foreign aid to help build its community center: a $75,000 donation from Iceland. Officials in Mountain, a northeastern North Dakota community with a rich Icelandic heritage told Iceland Prime Minister Geir Haarde about the $1.3 million community center project when he came to the town last year for the 108th annual August the Deuce Icelandic Celebration. It commemorates the beginning of Iceland's journey to independence from Denmark. 'The ongoing effort by our family and friends in North Dakota to preserve and honor their rich and unique Icelandic heritage, history and culture is an inspiration to the people of Iceland,' Haarde said in a statement. 'We recognize the necessity of this project and the commitment of those who are involved ... and we feel that it is important for us to assist them in their efforts.' - From wire reports