Brookwood graduate lands a part in Broadway play '39 Steps'

Former Lawrenceville resident Jennifer Ferrin has made it from Gwinnett all the way to Broadway. The Brookwood High School graduate recently earned a part in the Broadway play "The 39 Steps." The play, which opened Jan. 4 and will run through March 23, is based on Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 whodunit film and tells the story of an innocent man who accidentally learns too much about a dangerous spy ring. He is chased across Scotland, eventually returning to London to disrupt the villain's shady plan. This Broadway role is just the latest on Ferrin's long list of acting credits. Just weeks after she graduated from the North Carolina School for the Arts, she landed the role of Jennifer Munson on the daytime soap opera "As the World Turns." During her three years on the show, she received several daytime Emmy nominations. Ferrin has also appeared in a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, as well as multiple television shows. "The 39 Steps" is an award-winning play most recently presented in London. In the production, Ferrin will display her acting range by playing the role of three characters. She will act alongside Richard Hannay, who earned rave reviews for his role in the London version. Ferrin said she was very excited about landing her new role. "I didn't expect it to happen so quickly. It is very competitive (out here)," Ferrin said. She has two brothers, one older and one younger, and although both acted in high school, neither has been bitten by the bug hard enough to pursue it full time. Ferrin's parents, Tom and Linda Ferrin, still reside in Lawrenceville. Tom Ferrin said that with his daughter's career taking off the way it has, she's only able to visit home once or twice a year. During those rare moments when she's not busy working, Ferrin said she loves to travel and unwind with a good book. As for future projects, the actress said she would love to work on a feature film, specifically a small, independent project with a socially conscious script. She said she enjoys working in small casts because it allows the opportunity to bond and "connect with the material." Ferrin's philosophy on life is simple: "It is important in whatever you do that you do the best you can - but that you (also) understand the responsibility you have to use your voice and resources properly. It is important to be conscious of that," she said. "The 39 Steps" will be performed at the American Airlines Theatre, 227 W. 42nd St., New York, N.Y. Tickets range in price from $76.25 to $96.25 and can be purchased by calling 212-719-1300 or visiting www.roundabouttheatre.org.