To the editor: School, Braves will clog Ga. 20 without any improvements

Well, it looks like the people who have to travel or live on or near Ga. Highway 20 have really been taken by surprise! This is just what we need: a 10,000-seat stadium and a new Gwinnett County school opening in 2009, all on the same busy main thoroughfare.

If Bert Nasuti, the commissioner of our district, has been working on this for a year, am I safe in assuming that he has made plans about what we will do with the traffic situation? Maybe he has plans to add sidewalks and bike paths along Ga. 20. Oh, I know what: The county could provide buses from the Mall of Georgia for folks.

I bet the residents that live nearby will really be thrilled with the added noise and lights at night. Wow, I bet we will be able to watch fireworks up close and not have to go to Atlanta.

Commissioner Nasuti, I think you owe it to your constituents in District 3 to let us know what plans are in the works to solve the future traffic situation.

I asked the same question last year about Ga. 316 and the new college traffic. The answer I received was, "over half of the students will take classes via the Internet." Maybe the students did not realize they weren't supposed to attend in person.

- Mary Pierce