Snellville to start stormwater plan

SNELLVILLE - Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer read a resolution for council members to consider during Monday night's City Council meeting. Resolution 2008-01 will pave the way for the city to begin the necessary procedures for implementing a stormwater management plan.

About $2 million is needed for city infrastructure repair and expansion. A funding source and a project scope must be identified for a project of this magnitude. The stormwater management plan must meet state and federal guidelines, but it also must address the specific needs and priorities set by Snellville residents and officials.

Councilman Robert Jenkins said he never was comfortable with the figures and guidelines Gwinnett County provided for the management plan. Interim City Manager Jim Brooks "has done a lot of work on this project," according to Jenkins, and with Brooks' input, the city can now set its own priorities and work to achieve them.

According to Mayor Pro Tem Warren Auld, city staff will launch an aggressive campaign to inform citizens and get their input before firming up a long-term plan. Currently, city officials are considering a funding plan based on residents, businesses and possibly nonprofits (schools and churches) paying a utility fee based on the amount of impervious surface area on their property. The fee would be based on the amount of stormwater runoff generated by each property.

Council members voted unanimously to adopt the resolution.

Appointments delayed

Oberholtzer delayed appointing a city attorney and board members Monday night, citing a need for further clarification of several issues and input from council members before making the decisions.

City to observe MLK Day

Snellville city offices, with the exception of emergency services, will be closed in observance of Martin Luther King Day Monday. This will be the first time the city will officially observe the holiday, following a recent vote to approve the holiday and make the necessary budget amendments to make observation possible.