Xiocom Wireless moves into Gwinnett CID

DULUTH - A worldwide provider of wireless broadband just made the Gwinnett Place Community Improvement District its home.

Xiocom Wireless's international offices are now operating from its 37,000-square-foot headquarters in the Gwinnett Center at 3505 Koger Blvd. near Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth.

"The work force attracted us," said Jeff Spence, Xiocom's CEO. "Gwinnett has a well-educated, capable work force."

Spence added that the Duluth offices are staffed with professional, high-end jobs.

Xiocom Wireless grew from the former CityNet Wireless, founded in 1996, when the company acquired a number of technology and sales companies worldwide, Spence said. The company moved last week from its location at 300 Satellite Blvd. in Suwanee.

"We added 30,000 square feet by moving here," Spence said. "We had, probably six months ago 20 employees, now we have 70 and we expect to have 100 in the next three or four months."

The privately owned Xiocom Wireless is expanding rapidly, with offices in Georgia, Florida, South Africa and it opened an office in Rwanda Monday, Spence said.

"We have agreements in place to deploy in more than 50 countries," Spence said, adding the company is looking to hire engineers, networkers, legal, accounting and finance personnel.

Joe Allen, CID executive director, sees the Pleasant Hill Road area once again becoming the elite location it was more than 10 years ago.

"Too often people have written off this area, but we are seeing a resurgence," Allen said.

The area's rebirth depends on upgrades to Pleasant Hill Road and infrastructure changes, he said.

"Traffic on Pleasant Hill Road is increasing. There are 60,000 vehicles per day in this area," Allen said. "We are funding a yearlong interchange modification study with the Gwinnett DOT and Georgia DOT to justify to the federal government the need to replace that bridge with a single point urban interchange that will reduce traffic on Pleasant Hill Road by 30 percent. Without it, this area will be unable to transition from a retail center to a mixed-use area."