6 killed in attack on Afghan hotel

KABUL, Afghanistan - Militants stormed Kabul's most popular luxury hotel Monday, killing at least six people as they hunted down Westerners who cowered in a gym - a coordinated assault that could signal a new era of brazen Taliban attacks.

The gunmen threw grenades and fired AK-47s, and one even blew himself up despite heavy security at the Serena Hotel. One American and a Norwegian journalist were among the dead, officials said.

More than 30 U.S. soldiers in a half-dozen Humvees rushed to the hotel as part of a quick reaction force, and security personnel from the nearby U.S. Embassy ran through the building looking for U.S. citizens.

Leftist leader in Guatemala is first in 50 years

GUATEMALA CITY - Alvaro Colom was sworn in Monday as Guatemala's first leftist president in more than 50 years, promising to help more than 6 million people who live on less than $1 a day.

Colom and his vice president, former Houston Methodist Hospital heart surgeon Rafael Espada, took office in a ceremony attended by least 10 world leaders, including Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Colombia President Alvaro Uribe and Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

Judge gunned down in Baghdad

BAGHDAD - Gunmen assassinated a Sunni judge as he headed to work in Baghdad on Monday, the latest of thousands of professionals killed in unsolved cases since the ouster of Saddam Hussein's regime in 2003.

Appeals Court Judge Amir Jawdat al-Naeib was slain a week after police arrested a group of militants who specialized in intimidating or killing doctors, academics and judges, according to an Interior Ministry official. He said the aim of such attacks is to empty the country of professionals and scientists.

Opposition has harsh words for Pakistan leader

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Opposition leader Nawaz Sharif accused Pakistan's president Monday of blindly following America and ordering anti-terror operations that have left the country 'drowned in blood.'

Sharif's tirade against President Pervez Musharraf came as troops and militants clashed near the Afghan border, leaving 30 dead. Separately, a bomb concealed on a motorbike in the southern city of Karachi killed at least nine people and wounded 52. Musharraf was in Karachi on Monday to inaugurate a road several miles from the bombing, but he did not appear to be the target.