Duluth begins contest to get student input on city's future

DULUTH - They may not be able to vote yet, but that doesn't mean that students don't have a say in Duluth's future.

The city is holding a contest for youngsters to both draw and write about what they want the city to look like when they grown up.

"What do you envision for Duluth's future? Do you think Duluth is a city where you'll want to raise your own family? Are there enough recreational opportunities for teenagers in Duluth? These are questions we want your help with," city officials wrote in a press release.

The contests are part of the city's 2030 Comprehensive Plan study, which is being conducted by the City Council, Planning Commission and staff with input from residents.

In one category, the city is hoping for some help in creating cover art for the plan document.

While the award will go to a two-dimensional project, the city has no requirement on the type of media, so photography, sketches, watercolor or any other type of drawing or painting are allowed.

"The submission must include some graphical representation of Duluth's future but we also encourage representation of past and present Duluth as well," the release said.

Entries must be no larger than 11 inches x 17 inches.

Students can also write an essay on the city's future.

"What do you think will be different about Duluth in 20 years? What might downtown look like? Do you think we'll have any new parks? Will everyone still be driving cars or will there be other types of transportation available?" are some of the questions students can consider, the release said.

Entries should be 2,000 words or less, typed and double-spaced. The winning essay will be included in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan.

To be eligible for the $50 prize in each category, students must submit their entries by Feb. 29.

Students can also give input through the city's

MySpace page, www.myspace.com/duluthga, in an online survey at www.duluthga.net, and through a focus group.

For more information, contact senior planner Chris Collins at 770-476-1790.