BOE selects principals for new elementary schools

LAWRENCEVILLE - A graduate of the Quality-Plus Leader Academy and an elementary school principal have been selected to lead two new elementary schools opening in August.

The Gwinnett County Board of Education approved this week the appointments of Michelle Farmer as the principal of Puckett's Mill Elementary School in Dacula and Marci Resnick as the principal of Trip Elementary School in Grayson.

Both women said they plan to get students involved before the schools open.

Farmer, who has been the principal at R.D. Head Elementary School for five years, said getting the students involved in things such as selecting a mascot and creating a vision and mission for the school will make for a smoother transition when Puckett's Mill opens.

"As much as we can get the students involved, the more it will be home to them when they start school in August," Farmer said.

Resnick said her students will help pick the school's mascot and colors.

"It's going to be their school," she said.

Resnick said she thinks her participation in the school district's training program for aspiring principals will help her when she opens Trip Elementary. The Quality-Plus Leader Academy helped her develop her leadership skills and allowed her to build relationships with other people in the county who have a broad range of experience and contacts, she said.

Resnick, who has a specialist's degree from the University of Georgia, is currently the lead data administrator and an assistant principal at Richard Hull Middle School. She has worked for Gwinnett County Public Schools since 1999, and she previously taught in the Los Angeles Unified School District in California.

Farmer has worked for the school district since 1994. She has a specialist's degree from Lincoln Memorial University.

Farmer said she is looking forward to the challenge of opening a new school.

"I know we'll create a school that's just full of possibilities and potential," she said.

The principal for Rosebud Elementary School, also opening this August, will be selected this spring, said Jorge Quintana, spokesman for Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Benefield Elementary is moving into a new facility this summer, and Principal Ron Boyd will move with the school, Quintana said.