Moderates must take lead of Islam

Cal Thomas' column "Segregation, or for queen and country?" addresses the growing Islam factor in Britain that may become an issue in the U.S. if we don't take note of the problems arising overseas. He mentions no-go zones that Muslims have established where Britons cannot enter for fear of retaliation. This could happen here as well.

In the presidential debates, watch the candidates carry on with the "we must fight the terrorists over there so we don't have to fight them here" rhetoric and not address how Sharia law is contrary to American values and that it should be squelched before it has a chance to become law in parts of the U.S. Or they could question whether there is an animus rooted in the Islamic culture/holy texts toward all non-Muslim things and lay out a plan to scrutinize immigrants' beliefs to try to root out the hostile kind before they enter our country. (Put the Islamic moderates on the defensive to prove otherwise and to act to counter the jihad mentality).

Also, if there is a requirement that Islam establish political power as part of its religious ideology, then why not subject mosques and Islamic organizations to laws governing and scrutinizing all other political entities?

If this is "Islamophobic" then I have a cure for all who share my fear: Let's challenge Islamic moderates to convince jihadists to quit committing violent acts in the name of Islam and watch how fast such "Islamophobia" disappears.

- John Hightower