GGC taking suggestions for mascot

LAWRENCEVILLE - At the University of Georgia, they're the Bulldogs. At Georgia Tech, they're the Yellow Jackets. And at Georgia Gwinnett College, they're the ... well, that's to be decided.

As the state's newest four-year college works to establish its identity, community members will have the chance this month to weigh in with their opinions on what the Lawrenceville school's mascot will be.

Suggestions are now being accepted online at www.ggc.usg.edu/mascot.php. Participants have until Jan. 31 to suggest a mascot and explain their choice.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity," Student Government Association President William Johnson said. "Selecting a mascot is one more contribution to help build GGC's future before we graduate in June."

The college's SGA is coordinating the process. The SGA's Executive Council will review the entries submitted online and pick five to present to the students. The students will vote Feb. 11 through 15 on the choices, and the top three vote-getters will be forwarded to President Daniel Kaufman for final selection of the mascot.

"Students are looking for ways to come together not only in class, but also outside the classroom," SGA Vice President Chad Miller said. "A mascot will help us do that and hopefully everyone will come together and be involved in the process."

Jim Fatzinger, the college's associate vice president for student affairs, said the search for a mascot is an exciting milestone.

"A mascot instills a sense of camaraderie among us and between the College and the community," he said. "It gives us all something to identify with and cheer for."

The mascot will tentatively be unveiled Feb. 29.