Hikers beware
Ft. Yargo closed in January for deer hunt

WINDER - You'd be hard pressed to find a more foolish place to wear antlers.

Ft. Yargo State Park will be a hunter's haven come Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Winder park will be closed to the public for a big, controlled deer hunt.

The park's devoted hikers and bicyclists are urged to go elsewhere to exercise.

Registration for the hunt closed in September. All hunters have paid a $30 fee and must use weapons larger than a .22 caliber center-fire gun, said Ft. Yargo employee Marah Brock.

"(Hunters) can only kill a certain amount - and what you kill, you keep," Brock said.

Brock said hunting will cease at dark both days.

Hunters bagged about 160 deer during similar controlled hunts throughout 2006. During the most recent hunt in November, hunters took home about 90 deer, Brock said.

Ft. Yargo is located one mile south of Winder on Ga. Highway 81. The park encompasses more than 1,800 acres.

Brock said similar hunts are held about once a year.