Letter to the editor: Obama is no John Kennedy

With the exception of youth and charisma, Barack Obama bears no resemblance to John F. Kennedy. The words "Ask not what your country can do for you" would seem callous and uncaring against Obama's "government to the rescue" approach promoting $4,000 per year tuition grants for college, socialized medicine and more.

Furthermore, J.F.K. cut taxes, yes, even for the wealthy, and the late Justice White, a Kennedy appointee, was pro-life.

J.F.K. served in the military, and no one questioned his resolve and willingness to use the armed forces to fight against totalitarianism. Just as Bill Clinton's withdrawal from Somalia showed weakness, Barack's "bring the troops home now" mantra has garnered him support among Islamists around the world. No matter how tough he sounds, his diplomacy will carry less substance than one of his stump speeches.

Amid the hollow hype of "hope" and the undefined message of "change," women will continue to swoon, and a nation will decide. I know not whether Barack Obama will be our next president, but I do know this, Barack Obama is no John Kennedy.

- J.D. Barnes