City to choose firm for logo

DULUTH - Duluth has pride in old and new.

It's had pride in old and new for at least 25 years now.

City officials think it may be time to expand Duluth's vision.

The 27,000 Duluth residents have had the same tagline and a logo represented by the city seal since 1982, Marketing Director Alisa Williams said. This week, city officials will select a company to design a new look for Duluth.

"We want something that reflects Duluth a little bit better," Williams said. "We just want a unified, consistent look the community can be proud of."

The 22 firms that applied to create the branding campaign have been narrowed to five. Tuesday at 6 p.m., the winner will be selected during a meeting at city hall.

The contenders are Lawrenceville-based Redpepper, Sky Design from Atlanta, Nashville's Northstar Design, MDI Media Group from Mobile, Ala. and GoGo Creative from Austin, Texas.

Williams said she was surprised to receive proposals from Canada, New York and states across the country.

"It tells me that we're more popular than I thought outside Georgia," Williams said. "People outside Georgia are looking at us. It's very nice to know."

The city does not yet have a budget for the branding project, which Williams said will be part of an economic development push in the city. Once the firm is selected, she said, community meetings will be held and a budget will be developed.

The current logo, the city's seal, should only be used for official city business, Williams said, and not to represent Duluth to businesses that might come.

"We want to find what's special about Duluth," she said. "It gives us a sense of pride. We want to say, 'This is Duluth, this is what we're known for.'"