Barrow airport questions to be answered

WINDER - There's a lot of activity at the Northeast Georgia Regional Airport and surrounding property owners want to know what's up.

The Airport Authority and the Board of Commissioners have received a stream of written questions from residents curious about how airport upgrades will affect their properties.

The Board of Commissioners and the Airport Authority will answer those questions in a public meeting at 7 p.m. Monday in the County Annex.

The following 10 questions have been compiled, said District 4 Commissioner Billy Parks, who is a former Airport Authority member.

1. What businesses does the county want to attract to the airport?

2. Why should the runway be expanded to 6,500 feet?

3. Why have an Instrument Landing System installed?

4. Why not install a Global Positioning System instead of an ILS?

5. Where does the buffer zone go as the runway is extended?

6. Property owners from Waverly Place, St. Ives and Paris Point have stated their fair market value is decreasing due to airport expansions, and one person said his 2007 tax bill reflected a $150,000 decrease in value. Is this true?

7. Does the BOC support a proposed commercial regional airport like Hartsfield?

8. Can the board explain the Northeast Georgia Regional Airport capital improvement plan and has the county committed to funding such a plan?

9. Have there been any negotiations by the BOC with any cargo carriers?

10. Have there been negotiations regarding building a terminal for future airport expansion?

Parks said an ILS is being installed because the county received a $3 million grant from the Federal Aviation Administration. The ILS is preferred over a GPS system because, "A GPS will get you there, but an ILS will put you on the ground," Parks said.

Questions regarding property values should be submitted to the tax commissioner, he said, adding that the board passed a resolution last fall stating its opposition to turning the NGRA into a second Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. No negotiations have taken place regarding construction of a terminal, Parks said.