Valet awarded $318K in suit against Sharif

LOS ANGELES - A parking lot attendant who claimed he was punched by Omar Sharif has won a knockout decision in court.

Superior Court Judge Joe W. Hilberman entered a default judgment Tuesday for more than $318,000 in damages in favor of Juan Luis Ochoa Anderson when the 75-year-old actor failed to show up for a deposition, according to court documents.

Sharif pleaded no contest last year to misdemeanor battery and was ordered to take an anger management course for the incident outside a Beverly Hills steakhouse in 2005.

Peter Fonda to be awarded for achievement

SAN LUIS OBISPO, Calif. - Peter Fonda, the king of cool in 'Easy Rider,' will receive the 2008 King Vidor Career Achievement Award at next month's San Luis Obispo International Film Festival.

He will appear at the festival March 15 to accept the honor, Executive Director Wendy Eidson said Wednesday.

Fonda, who will turn 68 on Saturday, is best known for his role in the 1969 film 'Easy Rider.'

His screen credits also include 'Race With the Devil' and '3:10 to Yuma.'

Badu jokes about ex-boyfriends at concert for VH1

NEW YORK - Erykah Badu doesn't want you to believe the gossip rags when it comes to her friends - but when it comes to the singer herself, that's another story.

'Don't believe the tabloids,' Badu told an audience as she performed Tuesday night for VH1 Soul.

But she said: 'It is true what they say about me and men - (I) make them wear crocheted pants and chin guards!'

Badu has a child with eccentric dresser Andre 3000 from OutKast, and had a long relationship with another rapper, Common, who is still laughed at for wearing crocheted pants when they were dating.