Selected home-video releases:

'Michael Clayton'

George Clooney stars in the title role of this legal thriller about a law firm 'fixer,' an attorney who cleans up sordid messes for top clients but finds his conscience tested amid the corruption he discovers in a corporate class-action case. The film earned seven Oscar nominations, including best picture and acting honors for Clooney, Tilda Swinton and Tom Wilkinson. The DVD and Blu-ray releases, along with an HD DVD edition that follows on March 11, have deleted scenes with commentary from director Tony Gilroy, who provides commentary for the full film, as well. DVD, $28.98; Blu-ray and HD DVD, $35.99 each. (Warner Bros.)

'In the Valley of Elah,' 'Rendition,' 'Redacted'

Three Iraq and war-on-terror dramas come to home video. 'In the Valley of Elah,' from 'Crash' director Paul Haggis, stars Tommy Lee Jones, who earned an Oscar nomination for the role, and Charlize Theron in a murder mystery set among U.S. troops newly returned from Iraq. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal star in 'Rendition,' the story of an innocent Egyptian-American man abducted by U.S. intelligence agents and imprisoned overseas, where he is subjected to interrogation and torture under suspicion of terrorism. Brian De Palma directs 'Redacted,' a harsh tale of rape and murder carried out by U.S. soldiers stationed in Iraq. 'In the Valley of Elah' DVD, $27.95; Blu-ray and HD DVD, $35.99 each. (Warner Bros.); 'Rendition' DVD, $28.98. (New Line); 'Redacted' DVD, $26.98. (Magnolia)

'Margot at the Wedding' - Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jack Black star in this dour drama of a judgmental woman who comes to visit for her sister's wedding to an unemployed musician and artist. The DVD has a conversation with Leigh and husband Noah Baumbach, who wrote and directed the movie. DVD, $29.99. (Paramount)

'Lust, Caution' - Director Ang Lee returns to Asia for his follow-up to 'Brokeback Mountain,' spinning a twisting World War II-era tale of a young Chinese woman (Tang Wei) drawn into a seductive plot to kill a man (Tony Leung) collaborating with the Japanese. The movie is available in the steamy NC-17 theatrical release or a toned-down R-rated version. DVD, $29.98. (Universal)

'Run Lola Run' - Tom Tykwer's madly paced 1998 tale debuts on Blu-ray disc. Franka Potente ('The Bourne Identity') plays the title role, a woman racing against time to find a small fortune in cash to save her boyfriend from a mobster's wrath. Tykwer and Potente provide commentary. Blu-ray, $28.95. (Sony)


'Helen Mirren at the BBC' - The Oscar-winning star of 'The Queen' is featured in nine TV productions shot from 1974 to 1982: 'The Changeling,' 'The Apple Cart,' 'Caesar and Claretta,' 'The Philanthropist,' 'The Little Minister,' 'The Country Wife,' 'Blue Remembered Hills,' 'Mrs. Reinhardt' and 'Soft Targets.' The five-disc set also has a new interview with Mirren. DVD set, $79.98. (BBC)

'Walker, Texas Ranger: The Fourth Season' - Chuck Norris is back as a modern lawman with an Old West code of honor. The seven-disc set packs year four's 27 episodes. DVD set, $54.99. (Paramount)

'Coach: The Third Season' - Craig T. Nelson heads on to the field again as a college football coach with an odd assortment of associates. The third year's 22 episodes come in a three-disc set. DVD set, $26.98. (Universal)

'Cops: 20th Anniversary Edition' - The series that pioneered modern reality TV marks its birthday with a two-disc set containing the original pilot, a 20th anniversary special and a collection of highlights from over the years. DVD set, $29.98. (20th Century Fox)

'Father Ted: The Definitive Collection' - The 1990s British comedy follows the zany adventures of three priests running a parish on a remote island. All 25 episodes are included in the five-disc set, which also has commentary and interviews. DVD set, $79.98. (BBC)

- The Associated Press