Judge postpones Spears' traffic case until March

LOS ANGELES - A judge put the brakes on Britney Spears' driving-without-a-license case Wednesday after her lawyers said they don't believe the troubled pop star is capable of resolving the matter.

Superior Court Judge T.K. Herman continued the misdemeanor case until March 20 after lawyer J. Michael Flanagan said Spears' conservatorship attorneys 'do not think she is qualified or capable of entering into a binding agreement' at this time.

The attorneys also don't believe Spears, 26, is capable of giving a deposition or signed declaration, Flanagan said.

Earlier this month, a judge placed Spears under the conservatorship of her father and an attorney after more than a year of increasingly bizarre behavior by the singer.

Owen Wilson to return to work on 'Marley & Me'

LOS ANGELES - Owen Wilson is going back to work for the first time since his reported suicide attempt last summer.

Wilson, 39, and co-star Jennifer Aniston begin shooting March 10 on 20th Century Fox's 'Marley & Me,' the studio said. It tells the tale of a couple who adopt a dog to give parenthood a trial run, then find the mischievous pooch more than they bargained for.

PETA says Aretha Franklin has no respect for fur

NEW YORK - PETA thinks Aretha Franklin is no queen of soul when it comes to wearing fur.

Franklin was crowned this year's worst-dressed celebrity by the animal rights organization. Her crime: wearing 'yet another vulgar fur' at the Grammy Awards.

'... you looked as if you were going to perform 'I Am the Walrus' by the Beatles,' People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said Wednesday of Franklin's appearance. 'You might be a queen, but you don't know jack about compassion.

'How 'bout some R-E-S-P-E-C-T for animals?' PETA added.

The other offenders are Marilyn Manson, Eva Longoria ('in her trashy furs, she looks like the streetwalker of Wisteria Lane'), Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Kylie Minogue.