Bostain's Journal 10

We have continued playing good basketball and we have been on a little bit of a roll as of late.

We have won six out of our last nine games and are currently occupying the eighth spot and are one and a half games out of the seventh spot. With 12 games left we are 11-17.

As for the plane ticket for my girlfriend, we lost the last game that we needed to win for her to get a ticket. I actually thought the game before that was the one we needed to win but coach and me were thinking differently. When coach made his comment about if we win three in a row it was coming after a win. And I was thinking two more wins would be three in a row but, he meant three in a row not counting the game we had just won. I could see where he was coming from, but it would of been nice to have her over.

I had my first contract negotiation last week with the general manager. He doesn't like meeting with agents, so he wanted to meet with me one on one. I know him pretty well and he is an easy guy to talk to, so it went well. He told me that they wanted to re-sign me for another year and then he asked me what my plans for next year were and what I was thinking.

I told him I would like to continue playing somewhere and that I really have enjoyed the experience here in Zwolle. Then I mentioned I thought I could make more money somewhere else whether that be here or another team and there were a few other changes I wanted in the contract.

It was little weird at first asking for more money and other things, but you don't want to sell yourself short and you have to realize it's a business. Landstede Zwolle is probably one of the best situations for me starting out because the organization has a lot of quality and honest people running it and the coach is a real great guy. It's a great situation to improve your game and adjust to European and professional basketball.

I have heard a lot of bad stories about guys who hate their situation, don't get paid on time, don't like the coach and even get fired for a few bad games. It's just that the organization is one of the lower budget teams in Holland, meaning they just don't have lots of money to spend on players, but it's a great situation and place to be.

So the general manager listened to my input and we are going to meet again in a few weeks to see what he could work out for the contract.

As for traveling, I have been exploring nearby towns on days off. I actually stumbled upon a Subway in a town called Kampen about 20 minutes away. So that was a pretty exciting moment. It's not everyday you find a new American restaurant.

So instead of eating my sub there, I got it to go and ate it at my apartment. I wanted to mess with my roomate a little bit, because we are always talking about how we would be at Subway for late-night meals all the time if there was one here. So I ate the sub in the apartment and started making all these satisfying food noises so that he would come out and see what I was eating. His reaction was pretty funny. So today all four of us Americans went to Subway for lunch. It was a great meal.

That's all I have for now. I actually just realized I have been spelling the Dutch word dewey (bye) wrong. Dewey is how you say it but it's actually spelled doei. I just wanted to correct that in case somebody who knew Dutch was reading this and they have been saying to themselves what the heck is this guy talking about. So, Doei..

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