Bush to stress fighting disease, poverty on trip through Africa

WASHINGTON - President Bush will find violent conflicts threatening nearly every corner of Africa when he begins a six-day visit Saturday. But the continent's turmoil and trouble are not expected to be Topic A for the president.

Fighting disease and poverty and promoting growth, development and security will be Bush's main themes as he travels with his wife, Laura, to Benin, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana and Liberia.

Three retired officers arrested for '72 massacre in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina - Three retired naval officers have been arrested on torture and murder charges in the executions of 16 leftist guerrillas who had escaped from prison, a case that presaged the excesses of Argentina's dirty war on its own people.

Luis Emilio Sosa, 73, was captured Tuesday on orders from a judge investigating the so-called ""Trelew Massacre,' the state news agency, Telam, reported Wednesday.

Federal Judge Hugo Sastre had no comment as he prepared Wednesday for the initial court appearances by the other two suspects, who were arrested Saturday: Ruben Paccagnini, 81, who once headed the southern military base of Almirante Zar Trelew, and Emilio Del Real, 73, a frigate captain who allegedly was at the Aug. 22, 1972, shooting of the guerrillas.

Iran introduces uranium gas in centrifuges

VIENNA, Austria - Iran's new generation of advanced centrifuges have begun processing small quantities of the gas that can be used to make the fissile core of nuclear warheads, diplomats told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

The diplomats emphasized that the centrifuges were working with minute amounts of uranium gas. One diplomat said Tehran has set up only 10 of the machines - far too few to make enriched uranium in the quantities needed for an industrial-scale energy or weapons program.

Iraqi lawmakers pass budget, elections laws

BAGHDAD - Iraq's parliament on Wednesday passed three key pieces of legislation that set a date for provincial elections, allot $48 billion for 2008 spending, and provide limited amnesty to detainees in Iraqi custody.

The three measures were bundled together for one vote to satisfy the demands of minority Kurds who feared they might be double-crossed on their stand that the budget allot 17 percent to their semi-autonomous regional government in the north.