Sugar Hill approves Kroger store
Will be largest in metro Atlanta area

SUGAR HILL - Sugar Hill has opened the door for Kroger.

In Monday's City Council meeting, members made changes to an existing zoning that allows Kroger to construct a 101,000-square-foot store on 26.7 acres. The property lies in a triangle at the intersection of Ga. Highway 20, Suwanee Dam Road and Riverside Road.

The proposed Kroger would be the largest in the metro-Atlanta area, said Bill Cornell, spokesman for Precision Planning. The Kroger on Peachtree Industrial Boulevard in Suwanee totals about 80,000 square feet, he said.

The property was annexed and rezoned for general business uses in October 2006. Since then, Kroger officials expressed interest in constructing a massive grocery store on the site. However, its current general business zoning classification regulations would not have supported the store's size, hours of operation nor its delivery schedule.

"We are looking forward to the Kroger, but we want a prohibited use zoning," said Ryan Maki, resident of the nearby Fairview Park community. "We don't want a 100,000-square-foot zoning hanging out there if the contract with Kroger fell through."

City Council members approved changes that allow a 101,000-square-foot building and delivery to enclosed docks.

"The law won't let us say we'll take a 101,000-square-foot Kroger, but not a Wal-Mart or something else," said City Manager Bob Hail.

The site will also hold gas pumps and a payment center no larger than 300 square feet.

Kroger officials expect to bring 250 jobs to Sugar Hill. The full development should bring 400 to 500 jobs, Cornell said.