McCann brothers show what it means to be role models

Editor's note: Brian McCann is an All-Star catcher for the Atlanta Braves and his brother Brad plays for the Kansas City Royals organization. Both are Duluth High graduates.

Open up the newspaper or watch the news these days and you're guaranteed to find another story about a professional athlete in any of a number of sports either in trouble with the law, denying steroid use or shooting his mouth off with some inane comments about one thing or another.

Whoever said that pro athletes should not be first on the role model list was right, with two exceptions: the McCann brothers. My wife and I were at the gym the other day, and we happened to notice Brian and Brad McCann working out together, preparing for spring training.

We introduced ourselves, shook hands and mentioned how our youngest son is playing college ball and would be extremely jealous that we were meeting two pro baseball players. Brian signed an autograph for him, and both were so completely genuine and polite that it restored our faith in baseball's future.

Kudos to Brian and Brad's parents and all the other coaches and teachers who made them such exceptional young role models.

- David and Tami Jones