Rabid cat found in Norcross

LAWRENCEVILLE - A week after Gwinnett County Animal Control captured a rabid cat in Norcross, authorities are warning the community in the event someone could have been infected by the sick feline.

Animal Control officers trapped the cream and black colored cat Feb. 1 in an area near Arcadia Drive after reports the animal was showing signs consistent with rabies.

Gwinnett County Police Department Cpl. Illana Spellman said thus far no one has reported having been bitten or scratched by the stray cat.

She said the animal was euthanized and its remains sent to state authorities where it tested positive for the virus.

Authorities are urging anyone who thinks they may have been bitten or scratched by the cat to call Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement at 770-339-3200, ext. 5576.

Spellman said last week's incident was the first report of a rabid animal this year. The most recent case before the Feb. 1 incident was in November or December of last year, she added.

"They can call Animal Control, or if they're not sure, or they don't know the symptoms, they can contact the Health Department," Spellman said of what the public should do if they think they've spotted a rabid animal.

Authorities said any animal acting unusual should be reported to Animal Welfare and Enforcement.

Spellman said further information about the virus and rabid animals can be found by contacting the Gwinnett County Health Department at 770-339-4260.

Animal Welfare and Enforcement reminds the public to make sure pets are updated on rabies shots, keep a distance from wild, sick, hurt or dead animals and to refrain from keeping wild animals as pets.