Tenn. lawmakers scoff at Ga. talk of changing border

NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Tennessee lawmakers say they sympathize with Georgia's water shortages but they will oppose an effort by their lawmakers to redraw the states' border.

A proposal in the Georgia Legislature argues that a flawed survey in 1818 mistakenly marked Georgia's border one mile south of the Tennessee River.

The legislation would create a 'boundary line commission' to possibly resolve the dispute and give the state access to a stretch of the 652-mile long river and ease Atlanta's water shortages.

Changes to state borders have to be approved by legislatures in each state, then Congress.

Tennessee Sen. Andy Berke's' district includes Chattanooga, which the river passes through. He believes every lawmaker in Tennessee would fight a boundary change.

Says Berke: 'If they ever tried, the governor, and me, and everybody else would be waiting for them.'