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Man found dead at Duluth apartment complex April 19, 2014

Police investigate Holloway info from Dutch crime reporter

ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Aruban prosecutors said Thursday that authorities are investigating new information in the Natalee Holloway case provided by a Dutch crime reporter.

Information from reporter Peter R. de Vries 'may help considerably' in resolving what happened to the American, who vanished during a May 2005 school vacation to the Dutch Caribbean island, the prosecutor's office said in a statement.

The statement did not specify the new material, but said it 'may shed a new light on the mode' in which Holloway died and the 'method by which her body disappeared."

Militants strike British base in southern Iraq

BAGHDAD - Violence returned Thursday to the southern city of Basra, where militants pummeled Britain's airport base with 20 rockets and British gunners answered with volleys of artillery. Civilians were killed and wounded in the crossfire.

In Baghdad, a bomb-rigged car blew apart at a bus stop, killing at least five people in a Shiite enclave that had not seen major violence in months.

The two attacks - in areas considered relatively stable - were troubling reminders that recent improvements in Iraqi security were fragile and far from deeply rooted.

Lawmaker killed in possible assassination

NAIROBI, Kenya - A policeman gunned down an opposition lawmaker Thursday in an attack officials described as a crime of passion. Protesters burned houses in revenge, convinced it was an assassination in a nation gripped by ethnic fighting since a disputed election.

Police said David Too was shot by a police officer who discovered the lawmaker was having an affair with his girlfriend. A woman shot in the same attack also died, a hospital official said.

Brazilian judge bans float that depicts victims of Holocaust

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil - There will be no simulated pile of naked, emaciated corpses - and no dancing Hitler - at the world's biggest street party.

A judge on Thursday blocked a carnival float meant to show that the Holocaust 'gives you goose bumps.'

Viradouro, the top Rio samba group responsible for the float, said it was designed to remind carnival-goers of past horrors to prevent them from happening again.