US coalition says it killed 11 Taliban in operation

KABUL, Afghanistan - The U.S. coalition said Friday its forces killed 11 Taliban militants, including the leader of a bomb-making cell, during an operation in southern Afghanistan.

The raid in Kandahar province Thursday targeted a bomb-maker responsible for roadside bomb attacks that killed NATO soldiers, the coalition said in a statement.

Officials: Pakistan moves troops toward India

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistan has started to redeploy thousands of troops to the Indian border from the tribal areas near Afghanistan, intelligence officials said Friday, raising tensions in the aftermath of the Mumbai terror attacks.

India has blamed Pakistani-based militants for last month's siege on its financial capital, which killed 164 people and has provoked an increasingly bitter war of words between nuclear-armed neighbors that have fought three wars in 60 years.

Services held across region to remember 2004 tsunami

BANGKOK, Thailand - Scientists thought it would take a decade for Southeast Asia's tsunami-ravaged coral reefs to heal, but a study released Friday, four years after the deadly waves hit, shows that Indonesia's reefs have bounced back with surprising speed, restoring livelihoods to countless small communities.

The findings came as communities across the Indian Ocean remembered the disaster that struck Dec. 26, 2004, with prayers, songs and tears. About 230,000 people were killed in a dozen countries when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake triggered the tsunami.

27 dead in Ukraine blast

KIEV, Ukraine - Rescue workers were combing through piles of concrete and glass Friday in an ongoing search for survivors from an apartment building explosion in southern Ukraine, but authorities said hope was waning as the death toll climbed to 27.

Salvage teams have pulled 21 people out alive from the rubble since the five-story building collapsed Wednesday night in the Crimean peninsula resort of Yevpatoriya.