Gwinnett Place CID: Light project helps traffic

DULUTH - Drivers in and around the Gwinnett Place area should see an improvement in travel times and traffic flow, according to the community improvement district there.

The Gwinnett Place CID contracted with a company to perform a traffic signal timing and optimization program throughout the area, which the CID said has improved commute times.

"During peak travel times, drivers will now save about 98,000 hours and nearly 59,000 gallons of gasoline annually because of these improvements," said Jeff Legg, project coordinator with Wolverton & Associates, which implemented the program. "We conservatively estimate lessened trip times and lowered fuel usage for area travel will generate savings of more than $1.3 million per year for the useful life of the new signal timing."

The CID began working to initiate the project in October, and the improvements have been in place since late November, in time for the beginning of the holiday shopping season, Allen said.

"Traffic congestion is our No. 1 issue here," said Joe Allen, executive director of the Gwinnett Place CID, adding the No. 1 long-range goal for the CID's Board of Directors is the replacement of the Pleasant Hill bridge, a project that is several years out. But until that bridge replacement gets under way, the CID is looking for improvements that can be made on a smaller scale.

Allen said with the implementation of the timing and optimization project, the average travel time for a typical driver during peak time periods on weekdays has decreased 19 percent, the average number of stops is down 45 percent and the overall delay has been reduced by 31 percent.

"This optimization effort is producing tangible results that benefit everyone traveling in our area," Allen said. "We want to make sure we keep traffic moving as time progresses."