Six arrested for kidnapping

DULUTH - Gwinnett police arrested six men Thursday for kidnapping a Duluth man and holding him for ransom.

Andres Lopez Espinosa, 17, and Miguel Albarez Espinosa, 25, both of Chamblee; Rigoberto Tobar Velazquez, age unknown, and Juan Torres Tobar, 19, both of Jonesboro; Tomas Mendosa Pineda, age unknown, of Atlanta; and Salvador Ernesto Salgado, 20, of Doraville, have each been charged with one count of kidnapping.

According to reports, the victim's brother called police and said his brother may have been abducted from his Arbor Drive apartment in Duluth.

Authorities learned during a two-day investigation that the men had contacted the brother several times by phone demanding money for the safe return of his brother. Investigators made phone contacts, they said, with one suspect and told him the money would be inside a vehicle in a parking lot near Pleasant Hill Road and Sweetwater Road. Four suspects arrived in two vehicles at the scene, reports said, which was under surveillance. Several investigators and SWAT members were able to arrest two suspects in the parking lot while the other two fled in their vehicle. They were later arrested on Interstate 85 near Jimmy Carter Boulevard.

A report said investigators secured a search warrant for a Jonesboro address after learning the victim was being held by another two suspects in Clayton County. Gwinnett County investigators, aided by investigators and SWAT officers from Clayton County, executed the warrant and found the victim at about midnight Thursday. The two suspects, they said, were arrested without incident.

Assistant Chief Dan Bruno, division commander of the Criminal Investigative Division, said personnel from several units worked many hours to get these suspects off the streets.

"I am extremely proud of the way everyone worked together to bring this case to a safe and successful conclusion," Bruno said. "Taking these suspects off the streets is a significant accomplishment."

Police said the motive and exact circumstances surrounding the case are still being investigated and that additional charges may be forthcoming.