Police: Botched drug deal prompts murder

LAWRENCEVILLE - A drug deal gone sour prompted a shootout Wednesday evening at a Lawrenceville convenience store that left one man dead, police said.

Two men exchanged gunfire about 7:30 p.m. in the parking lot of Jenny Food Mart, a standalone convenience store at 3452 Club Drive, police said.

A short time later, police responded to a report of a person shot at a 1018 Legacy Lane residence, located about a mile away. There, they found 21-year-old Leo Fletcher inside a gray Chevy Malibu, dead of multiple gunshot wounds.

As investigators started piecing together the scene, Dion Harris Jr., 20, arrived at Gwinnett Medical Center with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. He told authorities he exchanged shots with the victim, Fletcher, when a marijuana deal had gone awry at the store. Both men are from Sacramento, Calif.

Harris was released from the hospital and charged with felony murder. He remains at the Gwinnett County Jail without bond.

Investigators are still trying to locate an unidentified third witness to the shooting, the person who drove Fletcher to where his body was found, Schiralli said.

The victim's uncle, Jay Fletcher, said his nephew had come to Gwinnett on an extended visit a couple months ago, feeling out the area to contemplate moving cross-country.

"He came down there to visit, to see if he would live with my sister," he said. "This is crazy."

Piles of shattered glass dotted the vacant parking lot Friday.

The owner of an abutting property that houses a mortgage business said groups of young people are known to carouse in the parking lot, especially at night, often drinking in plain sight.

"That's the issue," he said. "I'm trying to find where my property line is, so I can put up a big fence."

Police urge anyone with information about the incident to call investigators at 770-513-5300.