Report: Pupil attacked teacher, administrator

NORCROSS - A Norcross High School student was jailed this week when he reportedly choked a female teacher and punched an administrator who tried to intervene.

Hector Alexis Diaz, 17, a freshman, allegedly choked teacher Dominique Mackey in a hallway Tuesday as the two were discussing an unrelated disciplinary matter. Mackey was able to break free and call for help, according to a school police report.

Assistant Principal Ben Flores responded and was punched in the chest by Diaz as he escorted the student to an office, the report says. Police restrained Diaz and arrested him.

Diaz told school police his actions were the result of "low blood sugar," the report says.

Diaz is charged with two counts of simple battery. He posted $4,800 bond Wednesday and was released from the Gwinnett County Jail.