Thai opposition says it can form next


BANGKOK, Thailand - Thailand's main opposition party said Saturday it plans to form a new government with the help of defectors from the ruling coalition, a move certain to appease an anti-government group that recently paralyzed the capital, shutting down its main international airport for a week.

The opposition Democrat Party announced it had mustered the backing of 260 lawmakers in the 400-seat lower house, allowing it to form a government with Oxford-educated party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva as the new prime minister.

But the party's apparent triumph, managed during a still chaotic situation the day after Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport reopened, will not be sealed until Parliament meets within the next 30 days to endorse Abhisit and the five-party coalition behind him.

Amsterdam to close many brothels, pot cafes

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - Amsterdam unveiled plans Saturday to close brothels, sex shops and marijuana cafes in its ancient city center as part of a major effort to drive organized crime out of the tourist haven.

The city is targeting businesses that 'generate criminality,' including gambling parlors, and the so-called 'coffee shops' where marijuana is sold openly. Also targeted are peep shows, massage parlors and souvenir shops used by drug dealers for money-laundering.

Police: Bombs and shootings kill 6 in Iraq

BAGHDAD - Bombers and gunmen targeted Iraqi police recruits and U.S.-allied Sunni guards in a series of attacks Saturday that killed at least six people and wounded dozens, officials said.

Iraqis, meanwhile, welcomed the U.S. indictments of five Blackwater Worldwide security guards in last year's shooting that killed 17 Iraqi civilians at a central Baghdad square.

India attacker rose from crook to militant

MUMBAI, India - The lone gunman to survive the Mumbai terror attacks was a petty street thug from a dusty Pakistani outpost who was systematically programmed into a highly trained suicide guerrilla over 18 months in jihadist camps, India's top investigator into the attacks said Saturday.