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Local VFW post 'remembers Pearl'

LAWRENCEVILLE - Military veterans rose to their feet and many saluted as a bugle sounded the first notes of "Taps" in memory of those who died during and as a result of the attack on Pearl Harbor 67 years ago today.

A group of about 30 people, veterans, enlisted soldiers and civilians, gathered outside in the cold early Saturday morning at VFW Post 5255 in Lawrenceville, where the Gwinnett County Composite Squadron, GA112, Civil Air Patrol raised the American flag high above the memorial there and then lowered it to half-mast.

"Today, we recall an event that changed the course of history and the destiny of civilization," said John Veverka, the post's commander. "The attack on Pearl Harbor awoke a sleeping giant and with it, produced what has been called the 'greatest generation.'"

In honor of the observance, Susan Wiseman, a Fayetteville resident who is known as the "Tribute Lady," was accompanied by her husband Larry on the trumpet and performed a song she had written in memory of those who died at Pearl Harbor, "Remembering Pearl."

"I wasn't there when you laid down your life," Susan Wiseman said as the music she had written played, "but I stand here before you with tears in my eyes.

"I can't change the past, no I can't bring you back, but I promise you this, I will keep you alive.

"I'll remember you," Susan Wiseman sang out into the chilly morning, 67 years after those she and others were there to remember had died.