Coming to a neighborhood near you - Development permit applications

DEVELOPMENT PERMIT APPLICATIONS - The following are development permits received by the Gwinnett Planning and Development Department. Developers have submitted plans for these sites but have not received the Planning and Development Department's OK to begin clearing the land. Permit applications received Nov. 17 through 28.

1. Where: 1630 Pleasant Hill Road 137, Duluth

What: Assi Plaza renovation

2. Where: 2279 Lawrenceville Highway, Lawrenceville

What: Car dealership

3. Where: 1221 Auburn Road, Dacula

What: Ingles shopping center addition

4. Where: 4125 University Parkway, Dacula

What: Parking addition

5. Where: 3450 Medlock Bridge Road, Norcross

What: Berkshires at Medlock Bridge

6. Where: 6405 Van Eyck Drive, Norcross

What: Danbury Creek Bank

7. Where: 6165 McDonough Drive, Norcross

What: McDonald's restaurant

DEVELOPMENT PERMITS ISSUED - Here's a look at development permits issued by the Gwinnett Planning and Development Department. A development permit allows the developer to clear and grade the land, but it does not give the

go-ahead for building the structure. These development

permits were issued Nov. 17 through 28.

8. Where: 4124 Jimmy Carter Boulevard, Norcross

What: Title Max Pawn Shop

9. Where: 1050 Cole Drive, Lilburn

What: T-Mobile AT2175 Parkview (new tower)

10. Where: 5855 Peachtree Corners East, Norcross

What: T-Mobile switching center

11. Where: 1630 Prospect Church Road, Lawrenceville

What: T-Mobile 9AT2271B (tower)