Letter: Shipp a sore loser

There he goes again. Bill Shipp's attack on Sen. Saxby Chambliss ("Boss Jim, the most powerful man in Georgia," Nov. 26, 8A) is just a continuation of Shipp's crusade to attack all Republicans. You see, Bill Shipp has long been a Democratic Party strategist posing as a political analyst and columnist.

Shipp has long stewed in his juices of animosity and never recovered when Republicans gained the U.S. Senate seat and the Georgia State House and caused Shipp to lose his valued position at the feet of Democrat Sen. Max Cleland and Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes.

Shipp claims that a long-ago political ad by Chambliss against Cleland inferring that Cleland was soft on terrorism caused Cleland to lose the election. I think the ad was somewhat tasteless, but so were Cleland's ads. Max Cleland lost his Senate seat not because of this ad, but because Cleland forgot he was supposed to support Georgia's interests and instead became an obedient minion of the liberal national Democratic Party.

Shipp claims the Chambliss ads against Democrat Jim Martin were misleading, and I agree with that. But Martin's ads were also rife with falsehoods and misstatements, but naturally Shipp remains his one-sided bent.

Both sets of ads are disgusting, but I have done enough personal research to realize that although Saxby Chambliss has his faults, Jim Martin's leftist views are unacceptable to me. With the balance of the U.S. Senate leaning so heavily toward socialism, I could not in good conscience vote for Martin especially since he has indicated he would support a socialist direction for our country.

If Shipp wants to talk about bitter old men who avoid the truth, then perhaps he should look in the mirror. Shipp's never-ending attack on Republicans to facilitate his return to a position of political influence is sickening.

- Ernest Wade