My love of snow is a thing of the past

I don't like the stuff. It's too cold and makes too much of a mess - of cars and roads and driveways and sidewalks. I admit it can look pretty, but it's not worth the hassles that come with the postcard-like views.

I used to like it, I really did. But that was back when the only responsibility I had was to play in it. And it was fun, especially when it got you out of doing things - like going to school.

But those days are over, and so is my love of snow.

Fortunately, I don't have to worry about it much these days, just another luxury of living in the South. But Monday brought sightings of some small flurries, which reminded me of how glad I am that we don't have to deal with the stuff much over the winter months.

Not everyone agrees with that, but you'll find the people around here wishing for snow probably aren't the ones who would be shoveling it if it came. And that's the problem with snow - like being married to an actress, it sounds better than it really is.

Sure, we'd all like to have a white Christmas. But places where it really snows - like where I grew up in central Illinois - are not about one snow-filled day. They are about weeks and sometimes months of the white stuff. And those times don't make for pretty pictures.

They make for repetitive days of de-icing the car, scraping the windshield and braving the roads, which is a major reason to be glad we don't have snow here. Metro Atlanta drivers don't fare too well in rainy conditions - can you imagine your commute in snow?

I have good snow memories from my childhood - of sledding down hilly streets, of snowball fights with neighbors and of waking up to see huge snow drifts in the driveway, a signal that there would be hot chocolate instead of school that day.

When my family first moved to Georgia, those memories were still fresh and we were still fairly hardy when it came to dealing with snow. I remember my dad asking the neighbors to please call him if he shouldn't try to go to work. After years of driving through several feet of snow to get to the job, it was hard to believe work and school could be called off because of a dusting.

But living down here for so long, with a few years in Miami for college, has thinned my blood and my desire to deal with snow. About the closest I want to get to it is the fake stuff they're planning to have at Stone Mountain Park.

That's about my speed these days - a few hours of fun and then done. It's kind of like my dad said about grandkids - fun to enjoy and play with, and then you get to go home.

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