Pundits should give candidates chance for action

Monday morning quarterbacking is fine when done from a lounge chair in front of the tube after the game has been played. Predictions, on the other hand, often turn to sour grapes when being made by media pundits when it comes to presidential candidates and how well or how poorly they will guide the ship of state if elected.

Media monsters like Cal Thomas have nothing but gloom and doom in their crystal balls for Barack Obama's performance should the senator take his place on the presidential throne. Thomas does not, of course, believe this will happen in this lifetime, and is putting, albeit gingerly, his money on the Republican contender, Sen. John "Quick Draw" McCain.

I say gingerly because Thomas isn't totally convinced that McCain is "conservative enough" to warrant his wholehearted support. On the other hand, who, aside from a reincarnation of Herbert Hoover, would be?

It's beginning to look as though the conservative wing of the Republican party is stuck on two prevalent issues to mount on their battle flags - abortion and same sex-marriage with a big NO to both. Fair enough I suppose, because they are important to a large number of voters who feel that government involvement is not only necessary, but constitutionally viable.

There are others who discount this assessment and feel that there are graver issue to confront, but all that will be sorted out. In the meantime, the media seers and prophets would do well to keep their predictions on a low burner until the people speak in November.

Why not give whomever emerges victorious a decent interval to step up to the plate and give us reason to hope?

- George Morin