Film Fans: 'The Rocker' receives some mixed reviews

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1 1/2 stars out of 4

This is supposed to be a comedy but I found I only laughed once or twice. It is not bad as a story but the comedy fell flat for me. I was hoping to hear more of the '80s-style music but there wasn't much of that.

The A.D.D. band wasn't bad, but the music somewhat reminded me of the pop stuff of the Jonas brothers.

The main character seemed to be in a time warp and stuck in his old ways, especially when given the chance to go on tour with a band again. However, in the end, he seems to grow up a bit and get past his grudge against his old band and also put the needs/wants of his new friends in A.D.D. before his own. If you were a big fan of "Spinal Tap," you might like this one.

- J.P. Zinn, Lawrenceville

3 stars out of 4

This movie features Rainn Wilson as Fish, a passed-by band member in high school. Flash forward 20 years and Fish is a down on your luck loser. Having lost his job and wife, he now resides with his sister and brother-in-law and their teenage son and daughter and - you guessed it - their son plays in a high school band. Not rocket science stuff here but very entertaining for sure.

So as predictable as rain, no pun intended, Fish is soon living his dream as the band drummer. Then comes an embarrassing prom moment that lands the band on YouTube and the band has the big break it needs. Rainn Wilson is the heart and soul of this movie with great chemistry between his high school playmates and their families. It very well could be the surprise movie of 2008. Being funny and fast paced, and having a good script and a very special actor indeed have metamorphosed this movie into a surprising winner. Who would have known? Go see!

- Rick Wright,