Oxendine gets on FairTax bandwagon

It may not be a congressman, but U.S. Rep. John Linder has another key ally in his campaign for fundamental tax reform.

John Oxendine, the state insurance and fire safety commissioner, sent out a press release recently calling on states to join a constitutional convention to adopt Linder's FairTax plan.

Oxendine, who lives in Duluth, is running for governor, and he said that if he gets the job in the 2010 election, he'll invite other governors to meet and draft a plan for every state to adopt the FairTax by constitutional amendment.

"The only way, other than Congress, to bring reality and the FairTax together is for the people - the states - to take charge in the form of a Constitutional Convention," Oxendine said in the release. "Yes, I hope to become the next governor of Georgia, but I am committed to the cause of the FairTax because it is right for America and will help my children by once again making America the greatest manufacturing and economic capitol of the world. Win or lose, I will promote the FairTax across Georgia and across America - we will never allow the professional politicians to ignore the American people on this issue."

Linder's plan includes the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service and the use of a national sales tax, taking the place of all federal income taxes. He wrote a best-selling book on the subject with radio personality Neal Boortz.

Oxendine, a Republican, said he supports the plan because he believes it will boost the economy and allow people to choose the taxes they pay through their purchases.

"I understand how difficult the struggle has been to make the FairTax a reality. We have both Republicans and Democrats sitting on the fence waiting for someone else to make the first move," he said. "Never again are we going to hear the phrase, 'Congress will never pass the FairTax' because we the people are going to do it.

"We need to begin talking with our neighbors, our friends, family, co-workers, our faith leaders and anyone else you can bend an ear to tell them that the power of putting the IRS out of business, once and for all, is in our hands and our voices. We need to use our voices to get our local government officials to pledge their support for this action, and then remind them - we vote."

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