Kristen Ellen Flachbarth of Lawrenceville made dean's and freshman honor roll at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo.

The following Gwinnett students graduated from Lipscomb University in Tennessee: Parker Beck of Duluth with a bachelor of science in management and Carrie Ferguson of Suwanee with a bachelor of science in nursing.

Sean Patrick Duggan of Lilburn, son of Neil and Dara Duggan, has been accepted to Emrby-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Fla. He is a 2006 graduate of Parkview High School and will pursue a degree in aerospace engineering.

Zach Brownfield, a student of Killian Hill Christian High School, will attend Presidential Classroom's Law & Justice & Human Rights program in Washington, D.C., this summer.

The following Gwinnett students made the Dean's List for spring semester 2008 at the Georgia Institute of Technology for earning a grade-point average of 3.0 or higher: Yarden Moskovitch of Alpharetta, Makeda Cyrus of Auburn, Haley Hughes of Braselton, Nicole Sullivan of Braselton, Ashton Austin of Buford, Bradley Dolphyn of Buford, Jonathan Stewart of Buford, Jeffrey Brogdon of Cumming, Andrea Shekarabi of Cumming, Kevin Reichling of Cumming, Joshua Tillman of Dacula, Rachel Beauchamp of Dacula, Zachary Crowe of Dacula, Melissa Gerrior of Dacula, Erica Penk of Dacula, Christine Ruffo of Dacula, Christopher Stewart of Dacula, Whitney Sturgill of Dacula, Selin Yilmaz of Dacula, Ashley Crooks of Duluth, Emily Bradley of Grayson, Tyler Davis of Grayson, Andrea Hartlage of Grayson, Robert Hazelwood of Grayson, Rachel Muhlbauer of Grayson, Keyan Rahimzadeh of Grayson, Brittany Zimmerly of Grayson, Sohahn Akhtar of Lawrenceville, Miguel Amador of Lawrenceville, Heather Aquilino of Lawrenceville, John Bentley of Lawrenceville, Emily Bryant of Lawrenceville, Carlos Cano of Lawrenceville, Leslie Chan of Lawrenceville, Charles Davenport of Lawrenceville, Avadhi Dhruv of Lawrenceville, Shaun Eshraghi of Lawrenceville, Shen Ge of Lawrenceville, Jacob George of Lawrenceville, Ross Gortney of Lawrenceville, Joshua Harkey of Lawrenceville, Kevin Hinton of Lawrenceville, Federico Holgado of Lawrenceville, Matthew Jacoby of Lawrenceville, Veronica Kinard of Lawrenceville, Anjli Kumar of Lawrenceville, Janelle Sahutski of Lawrenceville, Amber Scates of Lawrenceville, Matthew Schrichte of Lawrenceville, Karen Shin of Lawrenceville, Michael Smyles of Lawrenceville, David Thompson of Lawrenceville, Ilya Tulei of Lawrenceville, Jonathan Walker of Lawrenceville, Cody Wilbourn of Lawrenceville, Ashley Wynn of Lawrenceville, Patrick Bailey of Lawrenceville, Mallory Ball of Lawrenceville, Gregory Carter of Lawrenceville, Joseph Conn of Lawrenceville, Charles Heeren of Lawrenceville, Christopher Keyser of Lawrenceville, Danielle Mankin of Lawrenceville, Buck Pardee of Lawrenceville, Colin Schoeneman of Lawrenceville, Christopher Shirah of Lawrenceville, Thomas Smith of Lawrenceville, Kevin Tan of Lawrenceville, Andrew Harvard of Lawrenceville, Nancy Stowe of Lawrenceville, Alexander Powell of Lawrenceville, Megan Campbell of Lawrenceville, William Elkins of Lawrenceville, Ashley Flick of Lawrenceville, Arjun Kumar of Lawrenceville, Linh Nguyen of Lawrenceville, Joshua Wilkinson of Lawrenceville, Benjamin Cohen of Lawrenceville, Jesse Craft of Lawrenceville, Erika Gemzer of Lawrenceville, Kyle Moyer of Lawrenceville, Jarrett Wilbanks of Lawrenceville, Ray Biggs of Monroe, Stephen Malcom of Monroe, Robert Willett of Monroe, Kevin Spears of Monroe, Mohammad Awais of Snellville, David Baxter of Snellville, Christopher Chandler of Snellville, David Colvin of Snellville, Sanah Goheer of Snellville, Taylor McClung of Snellville, Abigail Nelson of Snellville, Jennifer Stephan of Snellville, Mary Vaughn of Snellville, Jennifer Whittingham of Snellville, Tanzil Manawar of Snellville, Christina Boynce of Sugar Hill, Joseph Abrahamson of Suwanee, Daniel Akins of Suwanee, Farhad Amani of Suwanee, Charles Blackmon of Suwanee, Christina Chatham of Suwanee, Esther Chung of Suwanee, Michael Depa of Suwanee, Sooyung Flakes of Suwanee, Natalie Huch of Suwanee, Hyun-Jung Kang of Suwanee, Anna O'Neal of Suwanee, Perrin Quarshie of Suwanee, Anna Salome of Suwanee, Song Seo of Suwanee, Sabrina Sharifali of Suwanee, Joseph Shekarabi of Suwanee, Lauren Stuckey of Suwanee, Trent Sumner of Suwanee, Soo-Jin Sung of Suwanee, Allen Wang of Suwanee and Darryl Zuk of Suwanee.

The following Gwinnett students earned the distinction of Faculty Honors for spring semester 2008 at the Georgia Institute of Technology for earning a 4.0 grade-point average: Zackary Spratling of Auburn, Katie McDade of Braselton, Christopher Becker of Buford, Wenyan Zhang of Buford, Hallee Moore of Dacula, Jared Pallas of Grayson, Jeffrey Ahlstedt of Lawrenceville, Daniele Bryson of Lawrenceville, Sheila Eshraghi of Lawrenceville, Daphne Hutton of Lawrenceville, Jeong Kim of Lawrenceville, Ian Lauer of Lawrenceville, Nivedh Manohar of Lawrenceville, Deborah Nam of Lawrenceville, Elise Allen of Lawrenceville, Kimberly Demuro of Lawrenceville, Spencer Nettleton of Lawrenceville, Darryl Prince of Lawrenceville, Angela Wang of Lawrenceville, Michael Yue of Lawrenceville, Jin Lee of Lawrenceville, Lisa Shah of Lawrenceville, Adam Hannon of Monroe, Andrea Barrett of Snellville, Jack McPherson of Snellville, Anthony Cummings of Suwanee, Pamela Kerr of Suwanee, David Kim of Suwanee, Youn Kim of Suwanee and Nehal Patel of Suwanee.

The following Gwinnett students graduated from Boston College: Grace Choi of Lawrenceville with a bachelor of arts degree in international studies and Jessica Lee of Suwanee, cum laude, with a bachelor of arts degree in English.

Lauren Moore of Lawrenceville made the Highly Distinguished Honors List for the spring 2008 semester at the College of Charleston for maintaining a grade-point average between 3.8 and 4.0.

Jessica Davies of Lawrenceville was named to the Dean's List at Charleston Southern University for the spring 2008 semester for maintaining a 3.5 grade-point average or above.

The following Gwinnett students graduated at LaGrange College's 177th commencement: Amanda Katherine Allison of Lawrenceville, Allison Leigh Gordon of Lawrenceville, Laura Jane Lutz of Lawrenceville, Emarri Rechard McClenton of Lawrenceville, Lindsey Louise Moore of Lawrenceville, Heather Michelle Tidwell of Lawrenceville, Robert A. Wise of Lawrenceville, Nicholas Adam Drescher of Lilburn, Megan Michelle Henry of Duluth and Robert Calvin Garvin of Lilburn. Marjorie Bae Miller, Ayanna C. Marilla, Amanda Leigh Hope, Joanna Helene Lanza, Lauren Elizabeth Maddux and Jennifer Gail Penston.

Lydia Reid of Lawrenceville has been named to the president's list of Freed-Hardeman University for the spring 2008 semester.

Rebecca K. Castongia of Snellville graduated from Darton College with an AS in nursing in spring 2008.

The following Gwinnett students recently graduated from the Medical College of Georgia: Ginger Justice, doctorate of medicine and Kevin Norris, doctorate of medicine, Kathryn Hefner, master of health science, Megan Keller, bachelor of science in radiologic sciences, Elham Memar, bachelor of science in radiologic sciences, Gretchen Blanchard, doctorate of dental medicine, Lina Millan, doctorate of medicine, Bansari Patel, doctorate of medicine, Meredith Udell, doctorate of medicine, Taylor Martin, bachelor of science in nursing, Lisa Parr, bachelor of science in nursing, Lauren Shepard, bachelor of science in nursing, Brian Dalton, doctorate of medicine, and Brittany Parker, bachelor of science in nursing, Ha Le, doctorate of dental medicine, Samir Patel, doctorate of dental medicine, Erin Compton, doctorate of medicine, Mathew Kalapurakal, doctorate of medicine, Emily Beteag, bachelor of science in nursing, Taylor Brown, bachelor of science in nursing, Amanda Carlton, bachelor of science in nursing, Lauren Pressley, bachelor of science in nursing, Olivia Wu, bachelor of science in nursing and Freda Denson, master's of science in nursing.