Reports: Slain husband feared wife

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gary David Earls warned authorities he feared a domestic tragedy was imminent several months before he was slain at home last week, documents show.

His wife, Evelyn Fields-Earls, charged with killing him, claimed her husband was abusive and adulterous, noting as many as 13 violent episodes between them earlier this year, according to court records.

Despite the marital strife, investigators are convinced Fields-Earls was the aggressor in the confrontation that left her husband dead, a single gunshot to his head, police said.

Gwinnett Magistrate Judge Robert Mitchum found probable cause Thursday to bind a charge of murder against Fields-Earls to Superior Court. A possible indictment, the next step in her prosecution, is expected within three months, said Phil Wiley, Chief Assistant District Attorney.

Fields-Earls, 52, remains in the Gwinnett County Jail without bond.

Police said the couple's relationship was notoriously rocky. They filed a joint restraining order against each other May 28, but Fields had apparently let his wife back under his roof.

In those documents, Fields told authorities his wife of three years had threatened him with a knife and warned him she'd "put hot water on me," he wrote. In May, he warned authorities "somebody (sic) going to get hurt in the house," records show.

In her restraining order, Fields-Earls claimed her husband verbally and physically abused her after she had police remove his daughter, Melissa Fields, from their home. "I would like for her to be moved out of my house," Fields-Earls wrote in another restraining order dated May 27 this year, "because I (fear) for my life."

Police said Melissa Earls found her father's body last Wednesday night in his Amelia Court home. A witness who saw Evelyn Fields-Earls leaving the scene on foot pointed police toward her. She was apprehended in the area shortly after.

The Earls' relationship had been tumultuous for months, if not years.

Gary David Earls filed for divorce from his wife on March 9 last year, a case which was later dismissed. He again filed for divorce April 9 this year, but the divorce was never finalized.