Police: Man, 36, posed as officer

LILBURN - A gun on your hip doesn't make you official.

That's the message leaders with the Lilburn Police Department have for cop impostors who try to wiggle out of trouble by flashing faux badges and personal guns.

The latest instance of this felonious behavior happened Wednesday afternoon, when a Lilburn man tried posing as a cop to clear himself of drunk driving charges, police said.

Despite his alleged efforts, Mihai Resiga, 36, was arrested and charged with impersonating an officer, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime and DUI.

It all started with a fender-bender on Killian Hill Road as Resiga was headed home from a liquor store in his late-'90s Mercedes, Lilburn police spokesman Detective Matt Lake said.

Resiga's car hit a woman's vehicle, causing minor damage but no injuries, police said. He then exited his vehicle, walked to her car, showed her a holstered handgun on his waist and flashed some sort of identification card, according to his arrest warrant.

After telling the driver he was a cop, Resiga offered her $2,000 to not call the police, the warrant says.

"She was kind of brave. She wasn't too frightened," Lake said. "He didn't do anything in a malicious manner, but she said he didn't act like a cop. She said there was just something about him."

Resiga registered a .298 percent - nearly four times the legal limit - as he tried to pull the wool over the motorist's eyes, according to the warrant.

Lake said the suspect has a permit to carry the gun but is not an active member of any police department.

"Most definitely, this is a felony," he said.

The Romanian-born suspect remained in the Gwinnett County Jail on $10,500 bond late Thursday.