Dozens attend party in support of John McCain

More than 60 people attended a house party for John McCain this week.

The event, held Thursday at Riverstone Steakhouse in Lilburn to support the Republican presidential nominee, was one of three sessions in Gwinnett and 70 in Georgia.

Commissioner Mike Beaudreau, who is in charge of McCain's local campaign, said he was impressed by the turnout.

"We even had some of the restaurant's regular customers come into our meeting room asking for McCain yard signs and bumper stickers," he said. "Voters are beginning to take a closer look at the background and experience of the two candidates, and as a result we are seeing increased support for John McCain."

The event featured a conference call with Cindy McCain, who Republicans hope will be the next first lady.

"The McCain Nation events that took place around the country (Thursday) evening show just how energized our grassroots campaign has become," she said in a press release. "It's the American people who are the best spokespeople for our campaign, and that will help ensure victory in November."

Former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani also made a surprise call.

The saga continues ...

Earlier this month, Sheriff Butch Conway had a press conference to say the Ethics in Government Group was used in its pursuit of ethics charges against him and Commissioner Lorraine Green.

Since then, though, director George Anderson has seemingly declared war on the sheriff. Anderson filed another complaint Friday alleging more issues.

Conway taped conversations with Anderson prior to the Aug. 1 press conference, playing portions of a tape for the media. Anderson, who did not know he was being recorded, requested the tapes through the Georgia Open Records Act. He said one was not turned over, but Conway said he gave Anderson all the recordings.

"His story changes every time you talk to him," Conway said, pointing out that Anderson had said he was dropping his ethics challenges prior to the Aug. 5 primary runoff between incumbent Charles Bannister and Green.

"They are trying to be a distraction, but I'm not going to let them be a distraction. I've got a job to do," Conway said.

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