3 passengers back Osteen, say they saw no assault

HOUSTON - Three airline passengers testified Wednesday they never saw or heard any indication that the wife of megachurch evangelist Joel Osteen assaulted a flight attendant in 2005.

Continental Airlines flight attendant Sharon Brown claims in her lawsuit that Victoria Osteen yelled at her, threw her against a bathroom door and elbowed her when a spill on the armrest of her first-class seat wasn't quickly cleaned up. Brown claims she suffered physical and psychological injuries.

However, three first-class passengers on the plane testified Wednesday that they never saw or heard anything to indicate that Victoria Osteen assaulted Brown before the start of the flight from Houston to Vail, Colo.

Judge: Actor's accused stalker competent

LOS ANGELES - A judge says a woman accused of stalking John Cusack is competent to stand trial, but cannot represent herself.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Susan M. Speer made her ruling Wednesday afternoon based on a psychiatrist's evaluation of Emily Leatherman. The 33-year old was arrested earlier this year outside of the actor's home.

The judge made his ruling based on the recommendation of a court-appointed psychiatrist who evaluated Leatherman and said she was 'delusional' and 'paranoid.'

Lil Jon shifts from crunk to 'world music'

NEW YORK - Lil Jon is known for crunk music, but he's hoping his upcoming album will show that he has a broader appeal.

'It's not just music for the United States: It's world music,' Lil Jon said of his new sound in an interview. 'I'm touching so many different kinds of people on this album as well as keeping my core fan base at the same time.'

The Atlanta-based producer and rapper, best known for hits like 'Get Low,' Usher's 'Yeah' and Ciara's 'Goodies,' is working on a new album following his release from his longtime label, TVT Records.