United States could power itself on clean fuels within a decade

I was hoping that Congress would address the energy crisis, deal with gas prices, move on solutions to climate change before taking this break. Now, the clean energy tax credits will run out, meaning that government incentive programs to support the solar and wind industries will expire at the end of this year. Jobs will be lost as a result of their inaction.

America can generate 100 percent of its electricity from clean sources, and we can do it within 10 years. We can make the shift to renewable energy sources like wind, solar, geothermal, natural gas and biofuels, rebuilding our economy and cutting fuel costs.

Both T. Boone Pickens, himself an oilman, and Al Gore have laid out nonpartisan strategies that make it clear what the business sector, the government and individuals like us can do together to deliver us from the oil dependent energy plight we now face. Let's hope that we as a nation can get going on this and stop using it as a partisan football. Public servants, please take action and leave the rhetoric behind.