To the editor: Newton spreads lies regarding LeVell position

As the campaign for District 1 Commissioner comes to a close, I would like to present the truth regarding some typical political "mud" that has been thrown my way in recent days.

In newspaper ads, automated phone calls and mailed postcards, Joe Newton - who claims to be unaffiliated with any campaign - distributed a series of lies and falsehoods about my record and positions on the issues. This is the same Joe Newton who has a criminal record for assaulting a female and who gave my opponent, Shirley Lasseter, a $1,000 campaign donation on July 11.

Joe Newton represents the worst kind of politics - the kind bent on destroying the reputations of good men and women. Worse, it is clear to anyone paying attention that he is working as an extension of the Shirley Lasseter campaign.

His attacks on my positions are unfounded and false. To be perfectly clear, I do not support MARTA in Gwinnett, nor would I ever suggest that Gwinnett taxpayers should be responsible for paying off MARTA debt. These are complete fabrications. In fact, in an article in this very newspaper three days ago, I said, "I have never said that MARTA should be the rail operator for Gwinnett. I have only said that Gwinnett needs rail transit."

Further, I said any future rail service in Gwinnett could have nothing to do with the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority. Instead, it could be operated by Gwinnett County Transit, the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, the Georgia Department of Transportation or some entirely new agency.

Finally, the voters will determine what type of service it should be and how it is governed. Newton's claims that I would have Gwinnett taxpayers pay any of MARTA's debt is absurd - that is the responsibility of current MARTA counties only. Period.

I have run probably the cleanest campaign in Gwinnett history, never saying one negative word about Lasseter. I have steadfastly focused on issues. It is sad for Gwinnett's future that our politics has come to this. I am solely interested in leading District 1 and Gwinnett into a positive future with new ideas and innovative thinking. Joe Newton and those associated with him are more interested in tearing good people down than in bringing a vision to the voters. I humbly ask District 1 voters to recognize the difference.