Truck drivers must also follow rules of the road

It was with great interest that I read "Road Rules" in the July 30 edition of your newspaper.

The article entailed the actions of passenger car drivers cutting off tractor-trailers when passing. While I don't deny this occurs, I find it ironic that no attention is ever given to tractor-trailer drivers cutting off, and tailgating, passenger cars. I have experienced, and witnessed this countless times over the years, many times while traveling in the right-hand lane!

It doesn't matter in which lane one travels. If a trucker approaches you from behind and cannot pass for some reason, the trucker will ride dangerously close to your bumper in an effort to make you get out of their way. This begs the question: Do tractor-trailers stop more quickly when the trucker decides to tailgate than when they are cut off by another vehicle?

An official was quoted as saying the majority of fatal crashes involving commercial vehicles were the fault of the driver of the passenger car. This, no doubt, is due to the fact that those drivers can't tell their side of the story. I seriously doubt the trucker would admit otherwise.

Semi drivers are hypocrites when complaining about road safety. If you want the courtesy and respect of others on the road, earn it.