'It's a great day'
Tax-free shopping in full swing

LAWRENCEVILLE - In this economy, every penny counts, Sandy Springs resident Denise Tyler said.

When Tyler heard an advertisement for Georgia's sales tax holiday, she decided to take advantage of the savings.

Shopping with a friend Thursday - the first day of this year's sales tax holiday - Tyler purchased some clothing at the discount retailer Steve & Barry's at Discover Mills in Lawrenceville.

"It's a great day because the economy is in a sham," she said.

The outlet mall was teeming with families carrying bags from clothing and shoe stores. Until Sunday, shoppers can take advantage of a statewide sales tax exemption that applies to clothing, footwear, school supplies and personal computers.

Afua Asamoah, a supervisor at Ross Dress for Less, had one word to describe the day.

"Busy," she said.

Asamoah said she expects crowds throughout the weekend.

"Definitely, it will be a good weekend," she said. "I thought it would be busy (this coming) Saturday, but today was like Saturday."

Kimberly Williams, an assistant manager at The Children's Place Outlet, said sales were good at the clothing store.

"We have crowds you would see on a typical Saturday," she said.

SideBar: At a glance

During Georgia's sales tax holiday, which ends Sunday, the sales tax exemption applies to purchases from the following categories:

· Articles of clothing: The exemption applies to articles of clothing and footwear with a sales price of $100 or less per item. Clothing accessories such as handbags, umbrellas, cuff links, handkerchiefs, jewelry, key cases, wallets, watches, watch bands and ponytail holders and/or similar hair products are not exempt.

· Personal computers: A single purchase of $1,500 or less of personal computers and/or related accessories is exempt. If the single purchase exceeds $1,500, the entire transaction is taxable.

· General school supplies: The exemption applies to the purchase of general school supplies with a sales price of $20 or less per item.

· For more information: www.dor.ga.gov