Suwanee police officers receive recognition, awards

SUWANEE - During a brief ceremony Tuesday, several Suwanee police officers were honored for their outstanding performance and contributions to the safety of city residents.

Deputy Chief Janet Moon presented many of the awards, standing in for police chief Mike Jones.

Jones will step into the office of president of the Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police in July and was attending a meeting Tuesday in preparation for that office.

City Manager Marty Allen and Mayor Dave Williams presented Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce Awards to the following:

· Unit of the year: Suwanee Detective Division (Lt. Dan Clark, Sgt. Shane Edmisten and Officer Rob McCoy)

· Bronze valor award: Sgt. Dwayne Black

· Valor award nominee: Lt. Matt Scott, who was also given the Gwinnett Bar Association Officer of the Year award Friday.

Suwanee police awards presented include:

· Officer of the year: Officer Elton Hassell

· Civilian of the year: Nancy Miller, assistant to Chief Mike Jones

· Chief's award: Sgt. Elias Casanas

Suwanee Police Department quarterly awards included:

· Impaired driving enforcement: Officer Joe Burnette

· Speeding enforcement: Officer Elton Hassell

· Occupant protection enforcement: Officer Elton Hassell

· Suwanee Police Department merit award: Officer Robert Stewart

Each of the six bank robberies that took place in Suwanee in 2007 ended in arrests.

"We're batting 1.000. That's a hard standard to meet," Allen said.