College student arrested after stopping to sleep

NORCROSS - A Gwinnett College student was arrested after he stopped his vehicle at an intersection to sleep off an alcohol-induced haze.

Police, who had received several calls from concerned motorists, approached a black Nissan Maxima parked in a travel lane on Spalding Drive at the intersection of Technology Parkway and noticed the sedan was still running. Inside, they found a 22-year-old man asleep at the wheel with the smell of alcohol emanating from him, according to a police report. When authorities asked what he was doing, the man said he was "trying to get himself together to make it home," the report said. A field sobriety test determined the man was not fit to drive and he was arrested.

During a search of the man's vehicle before impounding it, police found an ounce of marijuana, 50 pills of Ecstasy and a digital scale. They were placed into evidence for safekeeping, the report said.

Couple awakens to man in home holding knife

LAWRENCEVILLE - A man carrying a serrated knife spooked a Lawrenceville couple then ran out their back door porch into the night.

The couple told police they were in bed when the woman woke up and thought her mother was standing in her doorway. When she turned on the light, however, it was an allegedly drunken 20-year-old Hispanic man in a striped shirt holding a knife with a serrated edge. In a heavy accent, he told her "don't move." Her husband then sprang out of bed, prompting the intruder to take off and cut an opening in the couple's screened porch as an escape, the police report said.

When authorities arrived, an officer went next door and questioned the couple's neighbors. At that residence, two Hispanic women told the officer they were the only people inside and gave him permission to look throughout the house. In a back bathroom, though, the officer discovered a man taking a shower. While the officer wrote he did not fit the description of the intruder next door, the description of the man's clothes resembled the outfit of the intruder. In the living room, the officer found an opened bottle of liquor with two ice-filled glasses.

Authorities "looked around the area" but were unable to find "anyone out walking around," the report said.

Guest threatens his hosts for kicking him out

NORCROSS - An evening guest who overstayed his welcome threatened his hosts with death for kicking him out and came back later in the night with a grudge and a pellet gun. He left again, only this time he was bloodied and in police custody.

According to a police report, the man came to a friend's house for drinks but was asked to leave. The man became angry and "threatened to come back and kill them all," the report said. Several hours later, the man forced his way into the residence with the butt of a pellet rifle and held his former hosts - three adults and one child - at gunpoint. In retaliation, two of the adults jumped the man, disarmed him and punched him repeatedly. His face, the report said, was "covered in blood" from the altercation.

After the man refused to be treated by Gwinnett fire paramedics, he went outside to his car where he was later arrested for aggravated assault, forced burglary and terroristic threats or acts. He was transported by police to Gwinnett Medical Center, the report said.